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Modern Classy Communication
Through Design

Hey! I’m Maddie, and welcome to my work.

It’s about more than
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About Me

Madeline Schultz

I am a multifaceted modern classy designer.

I am passionate about typography, and storytelling through adaptable branding. Relationships are everything-in my life, and in my design. I enjoy working closely with peers and clients alike to achieve the most personal and successful solutions possible. 

My professional passion is graphic design. This includes, but is not limited to branding, layout designs, information design, a simple logo, a series of spreads, posters or even a full book layout. I am trained in creating multidisciplinary systems involving clean typography, photography, videos, animations/motion design, and website design.

I am from Novi, Michigan, currently living in Detroit. I am one-year post-grad after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

In my free time, I enjoy painting and hands-on art, as well as singing and spending quality time with my puppy, friends and family.

I look forward to working together!


Branding Systems

Print Design

Advertising Campaigns

Publication Design


Typeface Design

Motion Graphic Design

Photography & Videography

UX/UI Brand Integration

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