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Target Advertisement

Animated Video, 

November 2021


Motion Designer, Producer, Editor, Copywriter

The Goal:

Identify a brand and research their use of color, typography, image, pattern, etc. Create a video to promote the brand, that fits their brand guidelines.

The Solution:

Maddie decided to construct a short video to promote Target.
The tagline she based it off of was “hit the target.”  It was a fall promotional to shop there for all of your diverse needs.

Challenges Faced:

Maddie was learning how to use Cinema 4D for this project, and it was partially experimental. She learned how to work between Cinema 4D and After Effects to create dynamic visuals. Adding in the little elements and getting the timing perfect was a bit of a challenge, and finding video footage that fit the brand was also something she struggled with.


This project was fun, and Maddie felt like she learned a lot from it.


Storyboarding photos:

Style Frame Details:

Final Export: