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Love Letters

Full Typeface,

April 2021

The Goal:

Design all letters of the alphabet, as well as punctuation and special characters, of a typeface based on tool technique.

The Solution:

Beginning with H, O, D, n, o, and a, similar to her limited typeface, Maddie experimented with several more tools using different style strokes.
She chose to focus on an italic sans serif style using a marker brush. Refining her letters, she made them more geometric.



Challenges Faced:

Challenges arose in the beginning of the process trying to make a decision on a visual direction to go in that would be visually pleasing, but also relatively simple to practice working in Glyphs and constructing letters from others.


26 capital letters, 26 lowercase letters, digitized and exported as a working font.
This project was a learning experience that Maddie enjoyed. The typeface came together very well in the end and she was pleased with the aesthetic. There are more symbols that she would like to add and is currently working on.



First Digitizations:

Second-Fourth Digitization:

Final Digitization: