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Technology Avenue


October 2019


Photographer, Editor, Designer

The Goal:

Appropriate a well-known piece of existing pop culture into a new context to give it a new message for a different audience.

The Solution:

Maddie chose to remake the iconic Abbey Road cover from The Beatles.
She photographed four women walking across a street, but each was looking down at their phone. The road is no longer named Abbey, instead it becomes Technology Avenue. The colors are saturated, and the sky gives the environment a digital and fantastical feel.

Challenges Faced:

Challenges arose during the photoshoot, as Maddie and her four models were in Midtown, Detroit. It took many tries to get the perfect image with each model in sync. The photos were taken on a semi-busy crossroads, so each try was timed with the traffic lights and had to be set up again and again.


This project was a delight for Maddie. She enjoyed doing the photoshoot, and learned to schedule more time for projects like this in the future. Seeing this piece come together at the end was rewarding, and it made many people smile when presented.