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Michigan State Parks Rebrand

Branding System

December 2021

The Goal:

Rebrand an existing Michigan brand to give them new life.

The Solution:

The brand Maddie chose to redo was the Michigan State Parks DNR system. She did a lot of research online, as well as field research going to different parks, taking pictures and writing notes.

Challenges Faced:

Challenges arose throughout this whole project, from conceptualization to final days of production. She came up with the signature ‘M’ early on, but then struggled a bit to incorporate it in a way that was not overtaking the brand. She took a bit of time to nail down a solid concept.


Designer, Copywriter


Full branding system, Brand Guidelines; mock-ups, letterhead, envelope, business card, website screens, mobile app screens, motion element, products-physical mock-ups. This was a learning experience for Maddie. It was a lengthy and difficult process, and she would like to go back and rework some of it and give finishing touches.


At a Glance:

Brand Structure:


Business Cards: