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X by 2 Career Fair Banners

Event Signage

July 2022

The Goal:

Maddie was asked to refresh the design for X by 2’s career fair banners.  The recruiting team uses them on multiple college campuses, mainly in the fall, to recruit new hires as well as potential interns. They needed to be eye-catching to get people’s interest in working there.

The Solution:

Maddie toyed with the idea of having three banners, but eventually condensed the information into two final designs.
As the audience was mainly 18-22 year-olds attending college for undergraduate degrees, she used imagery with young professionals, and bold, bright typography. She also worked with previous collateral to get a feel for the brand, and let that inspire her design. 

Challenges Faced:

One challenge with this project was the amount of information that needed to be on the banners. With some of the early designs, more could be included based on the layout, but when introducing the angles there is less space for readable text. Finding a layout that complimented the angles, and was also readable, took some time and finnessing.




Two Banners.
This was the first piece of signage that Maddie designed that was actually going to be printed and displayed. She was very excited to see the pictures from the events they were used at.


First Iteration:

Second Iteration:

Third Iteration: