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Collage and Montage

Book of Designs

November 2019

The Goal:

Using the overall themes of the previous project, (see M), collect photographs, illustrations, typography, and any visuals that relate. Given prompts, create collages and montages with various techniques to represent these themes.


Designer, Bookbinder

The Solution:

M was a piece centered around a comfort object and mental health.
The images for these collages were taken from themes of different mental health disorders, phrases and imagery to combat them, comforting things, identity questions, and juxtaposition. Maddie used traditional collage methods of cutting and pasting, but she also played with alcohol transfers, handwritten typography, sketching, image distortion, scanning objects, and projections.


Challenges came when starting new compositions.
Maddie had a hard time making a decision of where to start, as well as deciding which elements and techniques are best used together. With a lot of experimentation, it started to come more naturally.


Perfect-bound printed book, 48 collage compositions.
Ultimately, Maddie enjoyed this project. She had fun working with her hands and getting back to the basics of design in such a physical way. She learned techniques that could be carried into future projects and designs.