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Composition Set

October 2019


Photographer, Model, Editor, Designer


Pick a personal object and write an essay.
Photograph the object. Create 20 compositions of varying sizes. Two will be 20x20, five will be 10x10, and four will be 5x5. Using the photographs taken, add typography from the essay that describes the object, both connotatively and denotatively. Lay out all 20 final compositions to create a larger series composition.


This series was about two months of process, cultivated through many iterations and countless refinements. All of the photography is black and white, and shot by Maddie. They all consist of her initial “m” necklace in different environments or positions. She began with about 200 images, out of which she narrowed the selection down to 20. Next, typography was added to them. All of the words used on the images come from her essay, based on the object of interest. The 20 final images are two separate sets that work together to form a fuller narrative: ten are denotative and literal about the object itself; the other half are very personal, and connotative to her story with mental health. Because so much of this was personal, traditional research was unnecessary. Instead, she spent that time introspecting and making sure she was presenting her authentic and vulnerable self. She used two contrasting typefaces, Adobe Garamond and P22 Underground. These images ended up being arranged in a larger composition for display.


The most difficult part of this process was the emotional toll it took to put so much of her personal journey onto paper.
The story behind it is not simply a happy one, but is rather quite dark. She wanted that to be conveyed, but in a positive light that sheds on growth rather than struggles.


20 compositions. She learned a lot about herself during this. Taking a hard look at some habits and decisions that were putting her behind allowed her to take steps forward to be the person she truly wants to be every day.