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Swellter Client Spotlight

Animated Video, 

June 2022


Motion Designer, Producer, Editor

The Goal:

Utilize interview footage from previous recordings and create a brand promotional video to showcase how X by 2 helped their client, Swellter. Take many disjointed pieces of raw video footage from a Zoom call and turn it into a story.

The Solution:

Maddie pulled the most important clips of information.
The video footage was about 60 minutes long, and she viewed and analyzed it to pull out the best clips and moments. Using these pieces, she ordered them and created a narrative.

Challenges Faced:

Maddie was not present for the initial interview that the footage came from.
She was new to X by 2 at this time, and had to use limited knowledge of both the brand, as well as the Swellter brand and project that was completed together. This turned out to be a bit of an advantage, as she was able to construct a story that made sense for people who don’t know anything about the project or either company. 


Video. Advertisement Campaign.
This project was a fun and unique challenge that Maddie tackled head-on. She dove in and created a rough version of a story very quickly. With fine-tuning alongside the marketing team, this longer video led to short video ads paired with the static ones.


Storyboarding photos:

Style Frame Details:

Final Export: