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Insurance Campaign

Case Study, Ad Campaign,

June, 2022

The Goal:

Generate leads through a LinkedIn campagin.
Layout a case study detailing a project X by 2 worked on with an insurtech client. Create a collection of ads for the campaign highlighting the case study.

Challenges Faced:

It can be difficult to come up with varying layouts once there is one that works, so bringing variety to these was a challenge. She chose to use differing photos, colors and copy to switch them up, keeping a consistent layout for a cohesive feel.

The Solution:

Maddie decided to design a series in seven pieces for an insurtech startup, whom X by 2 helped take from early stage vision casts to launch.
Focusing on insurtech-inspired artwork and photography, as well as following the brand guidelines and previous formatting, she designed a well-rounded campaign that speaks directly to several subsets of their target audience.




Case Study. Advertisement series of seven for LinkedIn.