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Rape Kit

Composition Set

October 2019

The Goal:

Tell a story in a series of 5-8 photographs.

Challenges Faced:

The most difficult part of this process was the emotional toll it took to recreate and photograph such a vulnerable scene. Setting up the shots in a limited space was a bit difficult. Editing the final photo was the other part that was challenging to get the effect I was going for.


Photographer, Editor

The Solution:

Maddie chose to tell a story of a party night out gone wrong.
She photographed two models. First the woman was seen getting ready to presumably go out. In the next two, she had a drink in her hand, and the shots get more colorful and blurry. In the final shots, she is seen dancing with presumably a male’s hands on her hips, then lying on the ground with police lights in a pool of blood.


Five photographs that tell a story.
This was a personal piece for Maddie, and she was very pleased with the way the shots turned out. She felt the message was strong.