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Port Huron to Mackinac Island Sailing Race

Event Poster Series, 

December 2020

The Goal:

Design a poster or poster series and a digital component to promote a Michigan festival.


Challenges arose in the beginning of the process trying to make a decision on a visual direction for the system to go in, similar to her 826 Oregon system for Sally’s Superb Sprout Supply. Maddie had several ideas of a direction to go in, and the timeframe was restricted to be very short.  

The Solution:

Maddie decided to design a series to bring attention to the Port Huron to Mackinac Island Sailing Race for 2021.
She did a lot of research, and interviewed an experienced sailor who has participated in the race several times. Maddie kept the colors bright and fun to capture the vibe of sails, with high contrast in the images. Using a bitmap technique, they feel cut out, aged and raw. The race has been put on for 96 consecutive years, with 2021 being the 97th. The different parts of the boats, as well as the map are labeled with the most important terms, phrases and locations.The supporting text creates a pattern with the typography, almost insinuating wind.


Designer, Copywriter


Three-poster series.This project was very enjoyable for Maddie. She grew up going to her grandparent’s house on a lake on the west side of Michigan, so there was a certain sense of nostalgia that she encountered while working on it.