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Nikki Sixx

System of Cards

February 2019

The Goal:

Choose a well-known person or character. Play “the game” to answer twelve questions about aspects of who they are. Create a system to represent these answers visually in twelve cohesive pieces.

The Solution:

Maddie chose to do this project about the rock icon Nikki Sixx, bassist for Motley Crue. Using a limited color scheme, consistently bitmapping images for a halftone effect, and using specific contrasting typefaces, she created a system of twelve cards that show his true personality.


Designer, Copywriter

Challenges Faced:

Challenges arose when choosing a color scheme. Ultimately, it came down to her peers’ feedback that she landed on the purple, red, pink, orange and white. She also seemed to get stuck in a rut early on, doing one big push, then only making slight adjustments, not playing far outside the box.


Twelve cards, 6 x 8 inches.

The visual direction that Maddie took for this project was unlike any others she had tried. She took in a lot of inspiration and did a lot of research to emulate unfamiliar elements that worked for other designers. Though there was a lot that could be refined, Maddie learned a lot from the process of developing this system of parts and trying new techniques and visual effects.


First Iterations:

Second Iterations:

Third Iterations:

Fourth Iterations:

Fifth Iterations:

Sixth Iterations:

Seventh Iteration: