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826 Oregon: Sally’s Superb Sprout Supply

Branding System, Products

November 2020

What is 826 National?

In the most simple terms, 826 National is a chain of non-profit theme shops across the United States, and the proceeds fund their free tutoring program for K-12 students. They focus on helping kids with writing, and in their words, “serve as an international proof point for writing as a tool for young people to ignite and channel their creativity, explore identity, advocate for themselves and their community, and achieve academic and professional success.” Each 826 store has a twist on their theme; the Michigan stores, for example, are made for robots. You heard me right.

The Goal:

Design a complete branding system for a new 826 store in an assigned city.

Challenges Faced:

Challenges arose in the beginning of the process trying to make a decision on a visual direction for the system to go in. The concept as well as the content had to be on-brand for 826; Maddie had too many elements she wanted to incorporate, so her concept was quite broad until she made choices of which pieces to use.  


Designer, Copywriter

What is 826 Oregon?

826 Oregon was born from the area of Eugene’s natural greenery, love of recycling, and care for trees. Considering the idea of adding a twist to the theme, Maddie created a store for trees. She was inspired specifically by a forum on the city’s website called “Tree Stories.” Her products were necessities that trees could purchase. The main elements of her system were color, pattern, logo and illustration.


Full branding system; storefront mock-up, letterhead, envelope, business card, three website screens, three mobile app screens, one motion element, five products-physical mock-ups. This was a very rewarding experience for Maddie. It was a lengthy process, and ultimately she was proud of the result.